Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What is Happiness? What makes people happy? Will more money do it? We have heard of many rich people who commit suicide. Is it fame which makes people happy? We have heard of many celebrities who commit suicide too. Then why these people, so fortunate to have lots of money and fame commit suicide.

Are they not having lot more luxuries and power ? What is that which makes them so vulnerable to commit suicide ? What is that which turns them to be addicted to drugs ? In almost every motivational books, self help book it says to look for the happiness within us. Then why we try to find the happiness with other things like money,fame  and power.

Yes, its true without money, there will never be any kind of happiness, but the greed to acquire more, will it give us happiness? Money can definitely give momentary happiness. When you buy a new house, a car or any electronic gadget it definitely makes you happy for that day. But, when you remain in it for some days, that feeling of happiness goes. The same with work place and any other relationship.

The job and the bigger pay check can make you happy, but after a month the paycheck looks the same. Basically, what makes you happy is the personal growth and the feeling that you are contributing something. The feeling that you matter, and you are part of something big is what makes you happy.

You feel frustrated when you see, there is no value of what you do, what you say and you are taken for granted. Sometimes, knowingly and sometimes life puts us in such situation, when you have no value, everything seems to be meaningless. Nobody seems to be happy with your decision and you feel your feelings are taken for granted. That is when it becomes frustrating and you want to revolt. But, the question is, is it really possible to fight against everything? No, however your acceptance to everything is also not going to solve this.Then, what should be done. All your near and dear ones try to console you, some advise to think positive. And stop blaming yourself. The biggest problem is you don't blame yourself for the misery that you face, but the miserable condition that you have created for others. What do you do? Will you just leave this at the hand of God and wait and watch. Or do you believe in doing something to improve this condition.

This is when you feel life gives just one choice that is to accept, even if you don't want to. In fact, someone forces you to what is called destiny. Destiny and destination, one is fate and other your goal. Whom shall you choose? How will you accept something which is morally incorrect, might be inhumane too.

But, this is the dance of life. No choice just acceptance. You can cry or laugh but the thing remains the same. This is when you feel bad things do happen to good people. You just need to try and find ways to see you make a difference, you are not taken for granted. Fate decides how sooner or later you get back this feeling and the happiness out of it.

Some people being parent are happy, becoz they see a new life and nurture and pamper to make what they wanted to be. Some are happy by acquiring new properties, gadgets etc. Some are happy when they make a better life for someone else.  However, the basic remains the same, the feeling of making a difference and the feeling of not being taken for granted.

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