Monday, March 18, 2013

Maa Mangala

Om Sarva Mangla Mangaley, Shiva Sarvartha Sadhike!
Sarnya Traymbake Gauri Narayani Namostute!!

Maa Mangala is the local goddess in Odisha, she is one form of Durga or Parvati. It is believed that Maa Mangala originated in the epic battle between Maa Durga and Mahisasura. She is mentioned in the Devi - Mahatmya as the twelve forms of Devi Durga. She has more connection found in the Mangala Mahapurana the Odia version that is being sold in pamphlets all over Odisha. It states that Maa Durga is called Mangala because one day during the battle with Mahisasura, she became tired but the demon Mahisasura was full of energy and he dropped her in middle of Ocean. Durga breathed out and gave birth to a baby girl, who immediately grew to yet another goddess the Goddess Mangala. Durga and Mangala both pulled Mahisasura out of ocean and killed her. Because she benefited everyone she was named Mangala (the auspicious one).

Maa Mangala of Kakatpur is also associated with the Goddess Tara who was brought from Srilanka and is believed to be Buddhist goddess by some scholars. Maa Mangala of Kakatpur has a special place in her devotees heart, as she is associated with the Nabakalebar of Lord Shree Jagannath. Nabakalebar or the new look of god which is performed every 12 years, the daitapati and head priest of Lord Shree Jagannath temple, prays to Maa Mangala of  Kakatpur to show him direction to search the sacred trees from which the lords body could be carved. She comes in dream and guides the priest towards the tree and its location. 


  1. Jai Maa mangala..

  2. any body can tell some thing about the relationship between lankini & Kakatapur Mangala? are they both equal?


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