Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrate Being Male!!!

Hi Readers,

I wish you all a very Happy International Men's Day. To be frank enough I came to know about International Men's Day today, when in Office we celebrated it for the first time. Most of the Men believe its only Women that have a dedicated day to celebrate a Day in their honor and rest 364 days are Men's Day. :-) Well its not that, 19th November is dedicated to Male and is celebrated as International Men's Day  by UNESCO to honor male. This initiative was first started by Trinidad & Tabago in year 1999.Currently, this is being followed by 60 countries. India is also a member of this from year 2007 with Save the family organization being a part of this. 

Yes, there is no hype in media because of which people are not aware of this Day. Though Alen Solly a Men's wear brand took initiative to spread awareness, it was not very successful in doing so. This Day came into existence to have gender equality. It is not Women only that have gender related problems and harassment. Men can have similar issues. This initiative is to aware Male that their problems are also heard. This year the objective is to improve health of men and boys. To spread awareness not to neglect Male child. The theme is "Helping Men, live longer, healthier and Happier life". To improve education for boys. To improve life expectancy for Men. To improve tackle violence. And promoting father and positive male role models.


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